साधा माणुस...


I was writing some important email that contains very scientific words & critical terminologies having too many complicated spellings. I thank Microsoft’s MS-OFFICE for providing spell check available, so I don’t have to worry about wrong spellings, I will keep writing as long as I want and once I finish with my entire writing I will just do spell check and simply replace the misspelled words!    

Funny incident happened with me, I was stuck at a word which even MS-OFFICE was not having any suggestion, replace option or synonym…!!! 
I had to get up and grab English dictionary to find out tat particular word..!!!
Suddenly I realized we almost stopped using the hardcore dictionary.. we usually don’t write with pen & paper, hence there is no question of missing any spelling or writing any wrong spelling.. 

As we keep writing in MS-OFFICE or any editor we have a tendency to take extensive help from available spell check. It has become business etiquette to do spell check before we finalize any draft version of document (pardon me for doing the same while writing this article too)
This auto spell check reduces our stress of writing but it really made us lazy while acquiring more accuracy in writing..!!!!

I remember one incidence happened in our office recently. A teammate was looked so tensed and worried. Upon asking what has happened he explained that his mobile battery was exhausted and he had to call his wife for some very important work. 

I immediately offered him my mobile and said he can return it to me after finishing call with his wife.. to which he replied He had to put his OWN SIMCARD in my mobile first because HE DID NOT REMEMBER HIS WIFE’S MOBILE NUMBER and very difficult to recall her number. It was funny and strange thing for me..!! 

But then started thinking on my own about how many mobile numbers I do recall at that instance..!! 

The answer was horrifying … I could hardly recall 4 numbers…!!

How that happened?  

In our childhood when we were not having mobiles those days I was known as a kid that holds sharp memory.. I could easily memorize phone numbers and able to recall almost 100 plus telephone numbers…!! 

While enjoying fruits of great and amazing technological tornados we have really lost many things from our life in this process..!!! I got many things that have been affected due to excess use of technological equipments or electronic gadgets.

1.  We almost forgot art of writing using pen & paper.

2.  We forgot to visit post office to post handwritten letters.

3.  We don’t bother spelling mistakes, either we use spell checks or take help of abbreviation where we don’t know the actual spelling. 

4.  We stay online, maximum time of the day connected to internet, keep posting status messages like “Have a Good day, Keep smiling, it doesn’t cost anything & always stay motivated etc,.”  
    BUT what we do in reality..??? 
    Forget about using these sweet words and greeting others, we even don’t bother to look at the person who is standing beside us in lift.!!!

5.  We prefer to stay away due to strong doubt in our mind when we see people with worn clothes or poor people which stand out of churches, temples or bus stops. 
     BUT .......
     we don’t hesitate to check stranger’s profiles on facebook, twitter or orkut..!!

6.  We easily spend approximately 100 Rs to buy two popcorns while watching a worthless movie in multiplex by purchasing a ticket of 300 Rs.. 
    ......we don’t care to give 10 Rs to a boy standing at the signal cleaning windows of cars in chilled winter.!!   
     We don’t like when these boys come closure to our cars and we shout at them angrily..!

7.  We don’t bargain to pay 3000 Rs for a shirt in star mall (even if that really cost us 1000 if we purchase in small shops
    .....when we go for visiting some historical place we waste time and keep bargaining for a cup of Tea at roadside tea stall. 
    We don’t want to pay 15 Rs for a cup of tea. We don’t even think of that poor person’s efforts to run that stall at the top of the mountains, how he sweat while taking heavy loads or raw material from base to top of the fort!! We don’t care that he is doing this to run his family basic expenses..!!

Are we really going global..???
Are we really getting closure to each other..???
Universal brotherhood
Is this GLOBALIZATION taking all the verticals of society together to the success & happiness..??

Is every corner of the society getting benefited by this new technological growth..?

How can a poor person creates, publishes, maintains his orkut, facebook or twitter account when he is struggling in earning his daily wages and look worried about next days work..??

Technologically what concern do we have for this class of society..???
Is this real GROWTH..???

All classes of society, each & everyone from low level poor class to high level rich class are getting peace, happiness, harmony & success. They all live together without any discrimination based on poverty, money..! 


 This is real growth according to me.!!!!

 We are waiting for this day to arrive & we  should do active efforts to precisely take all class of the society ahead to the success....

We all must strive to get this done..!!!