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साधा माणुस...
60% HEART PATIENTS of the World stays in INDIA according to the WHO (World Health Organization)..!!!

60% HEART PATIENTS of the World stays in INDIA according to the WHO (World Health Organization)..!!!
If this goes with the same speed then half of the WORLD's Heart Patient's will be in INDIA by 2015..!!!!!

Indian Government has declared the threatening figure of HEART PATIENTS with the reference of WHO (World Health Organization) …

According to the Government of India the figure of Heart problems suffering people will be between 64000000 (64 Million) to 70 Million ... 

It is equal to half of the world's heart patients...

We have to seriously take actions right now to reduce the number of increasing heart patients, cancer caused by smoking and tobacco...

At one side we are strongly fighting with such serious deceases in our country, increasing awareness about not to chew tobacco, gutkha and stay away from active as well as passive smoking...

Running anti smoking campaigns, spreading awareness by putting ban on smoking and tobacco.....

Do you Remember the slogan.. 


 You are right...!!!!
 It’s our own Indian Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) slogan...Almost 80% populations of India have one or two policies with LIC..  just to give financial security to family members after they are gone..!!

LIC of INDIA has very very high net worth..!!
Take a quick look at few astonishing truths..!!!  

  1. It is the only insurance organization in India from 1956.
  2. LIC is at no 01 among INDIA’s TOP 500 companies based on Net Worth (30 Billion USD)
  3. Income of LIC is (447296 million INR i.e. 09 Billion USD Per year)
Isn’t it breath taking for a common man..???
One can bite their own fingers after counting these values on fingers....!!!!
Indeed it is a dream figure for a common man..!!!

... But what is the relation between LIC and Cigarette, Tobacco things..??

Is LIC Making people aware of these two death threatening things..??

Is LIC protesting against it..???

Definitely if they decide they could really make things happen..!!!

Before we get any policy from LIC what procedure usually they follow..???

They conduct our HEALTH CHECKUP.. 
If the insured amount is SEVEN DIGIT then the medical checkup is very very strict...(They do not insure seven digit amount to people who have symptoms of cancer, heart problems or people suffering from lungs or liver diseases due to chewing excess of tobacco and smoking)
LIC and we all knew tobacco, gutkha & Cigarette take us to death... 
that’s why LIC take strict medical test before their own doctors for huge insurance amount..!!!!
Is it good news..???
One may think LIC is really doing good and helping spreading NO TOBBACO message in the society ...
If you too think the same then wait..!!!!!!!

Here is the bitter reality.... and horrifying...  

According to the reliable government sources LIC has largest Investments as below:-

In ITC Limited - 3366,0200000 INR (6 Billion USD)
Famous Production company of WILLS, NAVYCUT, GOLD FLAKE, Etc world famous cigarettes..  

In Dharmapal Satyapaal Limited - 50,0000000 INR (10 Million USD)
Famous Production company of Rajniganda, Tulsi etc GUTKHA or tobacco related cancer oriented products..

In VST Limited - 14,00000 INR (30,000 USD)…. Company related to produce products same as above...

LIC has yearly earning near to 09 Billion USD per year...!!!!! 

These all revenues and profit comes from providing a REALLY REALLY STRONG financial backbone to companies who are 24x7 keep producing cancer oriented products..! 

They make billion dollars......and of course their tobacco, cigarettes, etc., products takes life of poor people.....

This is really a SHAMEFUL ACT by LIC... 

The disappointing fact to this comes next....

Indian Government can not take any legal action against LIC for investing such huge amount..!!!