Bahubali 3 Announced ? Check what's Behind..

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 Bahubali 3 Announced ? - After the national worry - “Why katappa killed Bahubali” what is the latest update on that front.?


Why katappa killed Bahubali

What are the latest updates from the 2 biggest successful movie’s director SS Rajamouli?

Well guys, here we bring exciting and fascination new update on that front…

 After April 2015 and 2017 SS Rajamouli was really busy working in his next project that will definitely going to make another milestone for the movie lovers…

 As they were successful to create a national worry  -  “Why katappa killed Bahubali” are we going to get a happy surprise form the producers Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni and director SS Rajamouli ?


Wait, wait, wait…. Have you guessed it yet?

 Is Bahubali 3 announced?

 NO… Certainly not…..

 Because there is no scope left in the story outcome of Bahubali 2.

So what is the latest update?

Prabhaas and anushka shetty Secretly married

Are Bahubali’s great couple Prabhaas and anushka shetty Secretly married.?

Are these pictures from Bahubali 3 or real?

Both are happily seen with a 3 Years old cute baby?

cute little baby of prabhaas and Anushka?

To disappoint you these are pictures generated using super powerful AI artificial intelligence bots


Good news as well as bad news is anyone with no experience can Create such real looking pictures in very short time…


It’s a good news because the creativity has no limits…. But the bad news or threat comes with it as “It may be incorrectly used by the wrong-doers”…


Anyway enjoy the pictures as they made no harm to the duo and both of them took it very casually and humorously ….

 However, name of the creator of these masterpieces is kept hidden due to the security reasons 

The great on-screen couple Prabhas and Anushka Shetty have worked together in blockbusters like Mirchi, Baahubali and Billa, Their fans really adore the romantic chemistry between them.

 Hence there was an obvious wish of fans to see them as a married couple in real-life too.

There were great quality HD images of Prabhas and Anushka Shetty, went super viral on social media. To disappoint the fans, these were 100% AI-generated images using automated bots – apps.

As all of you have seen above, these images shows happy times between the lovely family… (Married couple and a cute little 2 years old baby girl)

Fans were electrified to see their favorite stars in such a great scenario and wondered why both of them have kept it secret…

Though, both actors have denied being in a relationship several times by saying good friends since last 15 years.

Thanks to rumors –

-         They are in love since the shooting of Billa in 2009

-         Dated for a very long time.

-         Anushka cheated on Prabhas for a superior hero(?)

-         Anushka left Prabhas because he got engaged to Kriti Sanon(another hoax???)

-         Bla bla bla …

As usual, all have enjoyed these hoaxes and happily refused and denied Prabhas and Anushka once the masala or TRP went cool.

Projects in Prabhas pipeline has several big names:

-         Radha Krishna Kumar’s film with Pooja Hegde.

-         Salaar with Shruti Haasan,

-         Project K with Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan,

-         and another film with Maruthi.


Projects Anushka Shetty was / is working are:-

- Nishabdham with Madhavan, Anjali, Also rumored to be with Kamal Haasan in Gautham Menon’s film.

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Here we have it from tweeter feed:-

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Bahubali 3 announced?